Transforming Lives

Transforming Lives

Women all across the Midwest from Tennessee to Nebraska, from Illinois to Kansas have made Diane’s House their home away from home as they seek God for the transformation of their spirit, mind, will and emotions. The ladies learn to not be conformed to the world but transformed by the entire renewal of their minds with new attitudes and ideals. Romans 12:2
girls2Renewed to God’s way of thinking is a reality although one has said that it was the hardest thing he/she had ever faced.

Twelve months sounds so long. So we have broken down the commitment to live in the House into four sections. First, the young lady commits to four weeks. Everyone knows that 30 days is a traditional timeframe for many drug rehabs. Then once she comes we hope she will find help that she needs and decide to stay for the next three months, then six months, then two months.

At each juncture she views her life and sees that she has changed and each day as she commits herself to the One who loves her the most, her hope can be seen as a reality. She is a new creation! Old things have passed away behold, all things have become new!

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Paula Kersten
Women’s Program Director

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