Diane’s House of St. Louis is a 12-month faith-based program for women struggling with addictions.

A Message from C.R., Executive Director

The Chess Master
cr_bioOne day in my devotions the Lord began to deal with me about His control in my life. He gave me a picture of a chess game. Professional chess players usually have a plethora of moves and strategies. They are ever forming and changing to what their opponent is doing. But the end result is they actually control the game without the knowledge of their opponents.

Well, the Lord is a Master Chess player. I try real hard in not having my king captured, but through a series of moves the Lord captures the king of my heart, me. So why don’t I just submit at the first move to His Presence and allow him to take control? Because the battle of pride is to take over myself; I want to be in control. The Lord wants to checkmate me so that my heart of stone will turn into a heart of flesh.

A couple of months ago, a student named Robert was very angry with life. He was mad about everything and said to me,”C.R. I am so angry I want to smack you. In fact, if Jesus was standing here I would want to hit him on the jaw.” I replied, “Robert everyone did that to Him 2,000 years ago. In fact, people are still hitting Him.” There was a long pause. Nothing else was said until all of a sudden Robert started weeping uncontrollably. He said, “I can’t stop crying.” I replied “ Robert that is how the Lord is; the one you desired to hurt is loving you now. Unlike us, that’s how He is.”

For the first time in his life he felt the loving presence of God. The Great Chess Master, Jesus, captured the king of his heart with the Heart of a real King.


C.R. Kersten

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